19 Apr 2024

Команда Metro посетила Innovision, чтобы обсудить тесное сотрудничество в области светодиодных экранов

  This week marked an exciting milestone as a delegation from Metro in Singapore made their way to Innovision LED screen company, embarking on a journey to revolutionize the landscape of advertising within their spaces. Their mission is to usher in a new era by replacing the static, mundane elements of traditional paper ads and LCD monitors with the dynamic allure of LED displays. The scope of the project is nothing short of transformative. It involves a multi-faceted approach, ranging
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17 Apr 2024

Светодиодный наружный дисплей фиксированной установки рекламный щит P7.81 в центре города Ташкент в Узбекистане

The Innovision team has just wrapped up an impressive LED outdoor project in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, featuring our outdoor LED technology. This dynamic installation comprises six LED screens, each boasting a substantial size of 3X2m, collectively forming a captivating outdoor P7.81 billboard. At the heart of this endeavor lies our renowned 1000X1000mm aluminum profile outdoor ultra-thin full front maintenance cabinet, a hallmark of reliability and innovation in the industry. Designed to withstand
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08 Apr 2024

Светодиодный экран для конференций «все в одном» P0.93 установлен в Дубае

Nowadays, the prevalence of LED conference all-in-one machines in meeting rooms is on the rise, gradually supplanting traditional LCD monitors and projectors. This product is largely attributed to the superior qualities of LED technology, such as its vibrant color display, high brightness levels, and seamless, gap-free large size, making it a preferred choice for indoor applications over LCD monitors. In March, Innovision LED team delivered a remarkable 163-inch LED all-in-one machine to Dubai,
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03 Apr 2024

Светодиодный прозрачный пленочный экран Crystal Chip Display Sample P10 для ближневосточного клиента

The Innovision team has just completed a sample of an important project and it's about to send it to our esteemed customer in the Middle East soon. This sample is a P10 transparent film screen with a standard module size of 1000X240mm, thickness of only 1mm, and a brightness of 3500nits. It does not require any tools and can be directly pasted on glass or acrylic panels.     The transparent film crystal chip screen product has 4 main advantages as below: High Permeabili
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